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Retail electricity and natural gas procurement play a crucial role in helping commercial and industrial businesses optimize their utility costs. At Frontier Energy Consultants (FEC), we provide tailored solutions for electricity and natural gas procurement, understanding that each client has unique needs, challenges, and objectives. We strive to design customized procurement policies that align with our clients’ goals, ensuring efficient and cost-effective energy sourcing.

In this blog post, we will explore the top 10 benefits of partnering with FEC for retail electricity and natural gas procurement, helping businesses maximize their operational efficiencies and achieve bottom-line savings.

FEC offers a number of advantages to commercial and industrial businesses in the procurement of electricity, including:

  1. Identify and evaluate qualified suppliers by market area
  2. Create and distribute RFQs to qualified suppliers
  3. Oversee supplier responses/offers to assure full compliance of pre-negotiated contract terms/conditions stipulations based on customer’s facility requirement
  4. Perform due diligence on behalf of a client relative to project development site selection analysis, utility cost projections, and supplier financial performance comparisons, reliability studies, etc.
  5. In regulated service regions, FEC will review all retail and regulated natural gas and electric utility tariffs to assure the very best positioning.
  6. Provide annual aggregated cost and usage history graphs and trend projections

In addition to providing electricity procurement solution, FEC offers a number of advantages to commercial and industrial businesses in the procurement of natural gas, including:

  1. Extensive experience and strong industry contacts with the ability to formulate and implement a natural gas strategy that will allow the company to make sound business judgments and execute strategic decisions to meet both current and future objectives.
  2. Customer portfolio comprised of small, midsize and large producers covering interstate and intrastate pipelines across all regions including GOM, Texas intrastate, Mid-Continent, Rockies/West and NE/Marcellus
  3. Increase value in a cost-effective manner by providing gas marketing services and risk managements products
  4. Negotiate both long and short-term contracts with end users, producers and marketing companies for sales, purchases, transports and storage services in the Interstate and Intrastate market areas

Partnering with Frontier Energy Consultants for retail electricity and natural gas procurement offers businesses a multitude of advantages. By leveraging FEC’s expertise, businesses can streamline their procurement processes, access a diverse range of qualified suppliers, ensure compliance, and make data-driven decisions.

Additionally, FEC’s natural gas procurement services bring extensive industry experience, a diverse customer portfolio, and contract negotiation expertise to the table. To benefit from FEC’s services or learn more, reach out to us at 888-492-3791 or visit our website here.