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A better energy procurement solution

and way to manage forward risk and reward.

With over forty years of electricity procurement, C&I account management, delivery infrastructure support, and distributed generation projects, Frontier Energy Consultants is your trusted and capable advisors for professionally navigating today’s complex energy markets.

Today’s energy market is dynamic and sometimes volatile with the potential to disrupt operations and the finances of commercial and industrial businesses. Frontier Energy Consultants is an independent and experienced energy procurement company helping commercial and industrial clients in the procurement and management of electricity and natural gas, while providing competitive contract pricing and managing forward risk.

Frontier Energy Consultants (FEC) was created in 2023 by energy industry executives for the purpose of providing customized energy solutions and programs to commercial and industrial clients for the procurement and management of their electricity and natural gas service-accounts.

Power Procurement / Contracting

Managing Financial Risk, While Achieving Sustainability Goal Every customer’s needs, requirements, and challenges are unique. FEC will design and manage a customized, comprehensive procurement policy that will garner the very best price for electricity the mark, accompanied by air contract language that will allow you, the client, to focus on your core business, guaranteed!

Energy Infrastructure Support

Consumers often times find it challenging and difficult to communicate with utilities when having service needs or problems with their facility’s supply infrastructure. Whether it be needing an additional meter energized, or a transformer with larger capacity installed, or even chronic service outages, FEC bridges the gap in communications between customers and utilities to assure that the required equipment is installed and operational to the satisfaction of the customer’s requirements.

Private Grids

With sustained growth in the U.S. economy a certainty, coupled with countless fossil-fueled power plant closures, while almost no new dispatchable generation assists are being constructed to replace lost generation, there has never been a more appropriate time for companies to take complete control of their power supply. FEC has been engaged in multiple on-site generation projects in scales of 3 megawatts to 25 megawatts. FEC provides turn-key solutions for onsite generation, from project financing with no (zero) out-of-pocket capital from the customer, to facilitating the EPC services, and all services in between. Let us tell you about some of our past/current projects.

Renewable Generation

Whether its in Texas Wind Farm, or an Arizona Solar Park, or a green hydrogen plant in Idaho, FEC can be your one-stop shop for any level of resource necessary to get your project from concept to completion. And FEC has a network of end-use consumers that are constantly searching for better sources for reducing their carbon footprint. Call us, we can fill any gaps on any projects, guaranteed.

Distributed (Back-up) Generation

Given today’s exorbitant costs of production down-time, more and more businesses that depend on reliable and consistent power supply are understanding that current technology in backup generation will provide huge returns by mitigating the impacts from normal grid supply. FEC can design and facilitate the installation of state-of-the-art backup generation equipment, and even at no (zero) out-of-pocket expense to you, the customer.

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